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Student’s Guide to Renting Accommodation in Birmingham

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So, you’ve just been accepted at one of Birmingham’s universities, eager and excited for this new chapter in your life. Congratulations! Birmingham is thriving with culture and diversity, and is definitely an exciting place to be pursuing education and careers. But the big question is, where are you going to live? Where do you even start?

Renting your first home as a student can be an exciting yet daunting experience for many. For most students, this will be the first time that they are renting a property; they will be unsure what to look for, with many signing contracts without going through the finer details with the landlord.

Whether you’re just starting university and do not wish to stay in university halls, or you’re looking for accommodation whilst you undertake your second and third year, there are several things that you should consider before making any decisions. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to student accommodation.

Find the right housemates

If you are moving on from halls or have decided you don’t want to experience halls, then renting a shared property is often cheaper than living alone and can be a great way of getting the most out of your time at university.

Living with like-minded people of a similar age can be fun and a great experience whilst you study. Living costs will cheaper as rent and household bills will be shared among all tenants.

However, it’s advised to not rush into sharing a house with people you don’t know very well. You may find that some of your housemates might have certain habits that you dislike and you might find them hard to live with. Signing a contract too early can leave you tied to people you don’t really want to share with, and if you all fall out before you are due to move in, you may not be able to get out of your contract. If you can, it’s always a good idea to try and get to know your housemates before you move in together, so that you can make sure you’re happy with their mannerisms.


Use the right agency

Finding the right agency for you is essential. Here at FleetMilne, we will make sure that you find the right property to suit you. We will look to support you throughout your journey to finding your student home; you can relax whilst we take care of the hard bits! We can suggest prime locations for students, areas that are close to your chosen university and find an array of properties that will be suitable for you.

Finding the best location

Unlike university halls that are usually situated within campus, finding a property to live in gives you flexibility on areas in and around the city centre core. This may seem exciting, but it’s best to think practically when choosing the location you want to live in for your studies. However, the best properties are snapped up quickly so it’s also advisable to start looking for your student home at least two months prior to the start of the academic year.

When to start looking?

We encourage students to register an interest in January and definitely start looking at properties from May. Here at FleetMilne we have already had students take over properties who are not moving in until September (The start of the academic year.  May and October tends to be the busiest time for student accommodation with many students who come in later often being left disappointed with the little choices left. Our best advice is to register with local agencies and get your accommodation sorted as soon as possible, to ensure you secure the property you want.

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Property Viewing

Before you say you’ll take a property, you should inspect your potential new home as closely as possible. Keep in mind that rent for a whole year is a large cost and will take a lot of your funds. You’ll be spending most of your time in this place, studying, eating and sleeping, so be sure to choose wisely for the best experience.

Signing contracts

Once you’ve found the right property, the landlord or agent will ask you to sign a tenancy agreement. This is a legally binding document setting out each party’s rights and responsibilities. By signing it, both you and the landlord will have certain rights protected by law. Before you sign, we advice you seek advice and make sure that you take the time to read the contract in full and you understand all of the clauses.

Here at FleetMilne, we are happy to provide advice, make suggestions and support you throughout the rental process with us..

The tenancy agreement should include some important things, such as:

  • What does the rent cover?
  • Are bills included or extra?
  • What is the move in date and how long is the tenancy for?
  • Do you need to arrange a professional clean on move out?
  • Where will your deposit be held?
  • Any restrictions such as no pets and no smoking?
  • Tenant and landlord obligations?

It may seem like there is a lot to take in, but here at FleetMilne, we’ll make sure that you find the perfect student property for you.

If you would like some advice on renting accommodation for university, FleetMilne specialise in student accommodation in Birmingham, so get in touch with one of our friendly team members today. Call 0121 366 0456 or alternatively you can email us on property@fleetmilne.co.uk.

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