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Our founder, Nicola Fleet-Milne, worked in lettings teams across the city centre from 2001, and slowly grew more and more irritated with the general sloppiness in the industry.

It wasn’t hard to see why this corner of the industry was viewed as ‘the poorer cousin’ to the sales team.  Investment was low, staff were rarely qualified in very much and ultimately, the impact was felt by clients.

There had to be a better way. There was a better way. There still is a better way. 


Finding respectful tenants and then managing tenancies in a proper and compliant manner is difficult. It requires a lot of investment into the teams who are trained in the art of qualifying individuals, spotting the issues before they rear their heads, dealing with problems that invariably will come up. The teams who ensure that clients stay on the right side of the law; the teams who ensure that the money flows to the client.

We know this all sounds so obvious, but it would stun you how often this is simply not the case with many other agents. We deal with two of the most emotive subjects known: the roof over your head and your money. It’s important to have the right training and the right support; sometimes things don’t go to plan but we train our team to respond accordingly.


For us at FleetMilne, it will always be a work in progress. We are not allowed to fall into that complacent stupor that so irritated Nicola back in 2004. We always have and always will strive to be better. It’s a personal choice in the way we behave, in the way we treat people both internally and externally, in the way we continue to care about our city and community and in the level of investment we continue to place in our people, processes and tools.  

The people below share the values that FleetMilne hold so dear; honesty, integrity, diligence, pride, knowledge and an acceptance that they are fallible.

We’re more a family than a company – we look out for one another, as well as our extended family; you. 

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All Sales Letting Property Management Directors
Branch Director
Irma Deeming
0121 366 0456
CEO, Business Development Director
Nicola Fleet-Milne
07903 700 328
Head of Sales & Lettings
Kirsty Cove
0121 366 0458
Head of Business Development
Anton Foster
07814 795 973
Head of Client Portfolio
Lilly Webb
0121 366 0456
Sales Consultant
Clare Osman
0121 366 0451
Sales Consultant
Alex Cattanach
0121 366 0456
Lettings Consultant
Ashley Bolton
0121 366 0456
Lettings Consultant
Danielle Cull
0121 366 0456
Success Executive
Rebecca Boast
0121 366 0469
Front of House Executive
Leona Daly
0121 366 0456
Operations Executive
Kirsten Allan
0121 366 0465
Operations Executive
Dulcie Nock
0121 366 0463
Accounts Executive
Sophie Sutton
0121 366 0456
Marketing Executive
Jayde Ketchell
0121 366 0468