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Reposit is an alternative to the traditional deposit.

Normally, we would hold 5 weeks worth of rent as a deposit, but with Reposit you pay them a service charge equal to 1 weeks rent & that’s it, you’re in!

Live more, pay less.

“Our mission has always been to prove that our industry can be a delight; answer the phone, respond in a timely fashion, be respectful of your customers, and be honest about your mistakes. It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.”

- Nicola Fleet-Milne, Founder


Whatever you’re looking for, you can count on us to already have something in mind. As connoisseurs of city life and with an intimate knowledge of every neighbourhood and city living experience – you’re in the best of hands. We’ll take care of everything and make the whole process, whether you’re renting, selling or buying, as smooth and as effortless as possible.


What do you consider to be the perfect Birmingham life? Maybe you’d love to have a friendly 24 hour concierge. Jaw-dropping views. The office on your doorstep (or a healthy distance away!) or a parking space for your pride and joy. It could be character. It could be décor. It could be that it absolutely must be a five minute stroll from the best sushi in town. Leave it to us. Whatever life you’re seeking in Birmingham, we already have something in mind.

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