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Happy Birthday FleetMilne

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There’s a prize for anyone who can guess what today is. Any takers? For anyone that said “why Nicola, it’s FleetMilne’s 11th birthday”, your prize is the admiration of everyone here.

It is indeed our 11th birthday and, all in all, we’re pretty pleased with that. When you set up a company, it is always with a view to it being a long-term thing but maintaining that and making it happen has actually proved to be quite hard at times. Who knew?

In the last 11 years, we’ve seen companies come and go and the landscape of Birmingham has changed beyond recognition.

So, if you don’t mind, we’d just like to put into context just how long 11 years really is. In 2004:

– The last ever episode of “Friends” was aired

– The iPhone didn’t exist

– Janet Jackson did THAT at the Superbowl

– Kanye West released his first album and was caught smiling on camera

– Peter Andre reached number 1 with Mysterious Girl (before living off it for 11 years and counting)

– Destiny’s Child were a 3-piece band (before being more commonly known as Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and the other one)

– “Sex and the City” came to an end

– Only 4 current FleetMilners were older than 21 (refrain from guessing which ones)

– Roughly half the current team spent their days at secondary school and finished at 3pm every day

– MySpace was a big deal

– Facebook wasn’t

– Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp didn’t exist

– England were reigning Rugby champions of the world

– Wayne Rooney was going to win the European Championships single-handedly…and then didn’t

– Birmingham City finished 10th in the Premier League

– Birmingham City spent more on footballers than legal fees

– Aston Villa finished 6th in the Premier League, just 4 points behind Liverpool (currently 26 points off Liverpool in 17th)

– Arsenal went the entire season unbeaten

– Michael Phelps took the world by storm, winning pretty much everything at the Athens Olympics

– An unknown Jamaican sprinter named Usain Bolt crashed out of the 200m in the first round with a time of 21.89 seconds. He didn’t even enter the 100m. What ever happened to that guy anyway?

– Bridget Jones’ Diary: Edge of Reason was released – still the last Bridget Jones film to come out

– Harry Potter was only on the 3rd film – the Prisoner of Azkaban

– Spider-man 2 came out (back when Spiderman was Tobey Maguire and everyone was happy)

– Mean Girls came out and provided us with 11 years worth of social media quotes

– The world was devastated by the tsunamis which claimed so many lives and reminded us how fortunate we are just to have the opportunity to surround ourselves with loved ones and do the jobs we love

So, with that in mind, you won’t blame us for looking at 11 not out as a damn good innings. Here’s to the next 11 years!

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