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Do You Need Parking At Your Property?

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Does it have parking? We get asked this every day and every day we say “yes, no or maybe if you pay for it” but our question is this, do you really need it?

If you’re moving into the city centre, then you have got a lot to discover and a lot to explore. Having a car is great but Birmingham is a maze of one-way roads, carriageways and islands and, more often than not, it is much quicker to walk than it is to drive within the centre of the city.

Consider also that parking is in demand and, therefore, costs more. Add petrol on top of the extra £25-50 per month you pay for parking and you’re looking at a monthly spend probably about £80 more per month than you would by taking a flat without a designated space. Being honest, if you take parking out of the equation you can more often than not pick up a nicer flat for less if you simply choose to make use of Birmingham’s fantastic public transport network.

Then of course there is the environmental benefit. You would be doing your bit to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and getting fitter yourself in the process. We’re all guilty of laying off the cardio from time-to-time so why not just get it inadvertently on your way into work?

For some people it is completely unavoidable, however we are suggesting that if you are looking this year then maybe leave your options open to a property without parking. You may be surprised at how good a decision it turns out to be.

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