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Why Should You Live in Birmingham?

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There is a wide range of property in Birmingham to suit all tastes; whether you are seeking city centre or leafy suburbs. Hidden gem or high rise, modern or traditional, large or small, it can all be found when you look in the right places and speak to the right people.

The city centre is refreshingly compact, with the walk from one side to the other taking no more than half an hour, making living and working in the heart of the city easier and enjoyable. Despite the relatively small square mileage of central Birmingham, it still comprises of more than 10,000 residential properties, with another 5,000 due to arrive by 2021.

This gives rise to come excellent choices available to city dwellers. There are buildings with as few as 5 or 6 apartments, for that more exclusive feel, or opt for the comparative anonymity of a building of 400 units.

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Many developments come with added benefits including concierge services, a residents’ gym, meeting rooms for hire, secure allocated parking or coffee shops. The majority of properties were built within the last fifteen years, with most having been developed from new rather than being a conversion of an older, existing building.

The Jewellery Quarter houses most of the converted buildings and simply oozes with an old world charm; that embraces the area’s history and heritage. If you’re interested in living and working in a place with plenty of character, this is a good district to start researching.

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How Much Does It Cost To Live In Birmingham?

As a general rule (at the time of writing) a studio apartment of circa 300 to 400 sq ft costs between £600 to £800 per calendar month to rent. These are laid out in open plan living room/bedroom layout with a fully fitted kitchen and separate bathroom, and most will be let on a fully furnished basis. Aimed towards single people or as a pied-a-terre, these compact studios have much to offer, located in the heart of the city.

A furnished one bedroom apartment with a more conventional layout consisting of an open plan kitchen/living room and separate bedroom and bathroom can be found for as little as £650 per month, but could equally cost up to £1,000 per month depending on location. Not all one bedroom apartments will come with parking, but around two thirds should – be sure to check.


Two bedroom apartments vary the most in style, layout and, therefore, price. Some will devote more space to living areas and may have smaller second bedrooms, whilst others will offer an equal bedroom and, as such, will suit professionals who are sharing to keep costs down. Two bedroom, furnished apartments start at around £800 per month and rise to around £1500 depending on size and location. Most will have parking, but probably only for one car. If parking for a second car is required then the Jewellery Quarter is a good location as permits for on-street parking can be obtained.

If a larger, penthouse-style property is what you are looking for, this is equally achievable with the right budget. Starting from around £1800 per month and rising to more than £3500, two and three bedroom penthouses are available in most of the best buildings and afford residents fantastic views, space and the highest spec finishes.

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Of course, all of the above prices depend on the time of year, the specific development, what it offers, and whether the apartment has any outside space, remarkable views as well as other features.

Birmingham is undeniably a city on the up and is not going to stop anytime soon. With investments and businesses pouring into the Second City, as well as the High Speed 2 rail connection to London, we can expect our city to continue to bloom.

For anyone seeking to relocate to Birmingham, the best advice is to allow as much time possible to research preferred locations and requirements, and speak to a member of the team here at FleetMilne about what is available and when. Demand from tenants peaks during the summer months, so allowing plenty of time to find the perfect home gives you the best possible chance of loving Birmingham life as much as those already here, already do.

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