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Schools in Edgbaston

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Edgbaston is the perfect place for a growing family. From the best primary schools, secondary schools to red brick universities, you don’t need to look further! Many of the schools in Edgbaston are consistently rated ‘outstanding’ by ofsted. Edgbaston is also home to King Edward’s secondary school which is one of the best secondary schools in the country, as well at The University of Birmingham also one of the top universities in the country.

Primary Schools in  Edgbaston

There are many primary school to choose from in Edgbaston however just to highlight a few options:

St Mary’s Catholic

Rated a grade 1 as outstanding in their latest ofsted inspection. St Mary’s is an outstanding school. It provides an excellent education that meets pupils’ learning and individual needs extremely well. Under the strong leadership of the headteacher all staff are committed to the task of giving the pupils the best start to their education. All pupils in the school meet the challenging targets set for them and make outstanding progress. Standards in all subjects are well above average and pupils make outstanding progress. The school has placed a strong emphasis on mathematics following a slight dip in 2008 and there is clear evidence that this has been improved, reflecting outstanding progress and exceptionally high attainment.

Water Mill Primary School

Rated a grade 2 as good in their latest ofsted inspection. St Water Mill Primary School has made great improvement from their previous inspection which was a grade 3. This primary school has a good achievement in reading, writing and mathematics and pupils are taught well with attainment in mathematics at Key Stage 2 being above the national average. The teaching standards are great and the school provides many good-quality opportunities for pupils to develop into mature individuals.

St Edward’s Catholic Primary School

Just a short distance from Edgbaston, St Edward’s Catholic Primary School has been rated a grade 2 in their latest ofsted inspection. The standards overall and in english have consistently been above average in this school at the end of both Key stages 1 and 2. The provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development had been observed as outstanding in this school and as a results pupils have highly developed personal skills.

Secondary Schools  in Edgbaston

The Priory

With a newly appointed leadership team the Priory School has really improved and strengthened its position as a high performing school. Awarded an overall good in the most recent inspection reaffirms the schools focus on overall improvement.  Teaching is strong across a range of all subjects, with it being especially effective in English with the school’s results improving by 14% in 2016 for maths maths and english.

King Edward’s

King Edward’s School was founded by King Edward VI in 1552 and is one of the most successful boys’ schools in this country. The school’s academic performance places it amongst the very best in the country: 68% A*s at GCSE in 2015 and 18 boys into Oxford and Cambridge. King Edward’s School moved to the IB Diploma in 2010, replacing A-levels completely. The 2015 IB Diploma results broke school records and produced three top marks of 45 – a score achieved by only 160 worldwide out of almost 142,000 – an average score of 39.4, and over half of the 104 boys scored 40 points or above: the equivalent to 4 A*s at A-level. The school also has a remarkably rich and diverse extra-curricular life across, sport, music, drama, personal service, trips and expeditions. The school is fee-paying but about 35% of pupils have some financial support and 10% have free places.

St Paul’s School for Girls

Consistently rated good and outstanding in their ofsted inspections, the standards at GCSE have been well above average in this school for a number of years. The sixth form in this school has also been rated highly, where student progress in a range of courses has been above national averages.
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