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Live & Work in Birmingham Student Fair

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For one day a year, iconic Birmingham landmarks are overrun by the likes of DWF, Ernst & Young, Higgs & Sons, Lloyds Bank, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, Browne Jacobson, GVA and many more (including FleetMilne Property) as they seek out the best young talent in Birmingham. This year, it was the turn of the Birmingham Rep to play host to this remarkable spectacle.

Naturally these bright young things will need a nice roof over their head, to accompany their nice new job, and that’s where we come flying in to save the day.

Just for a quick bit of context, Live & Work in Birmingham (LWB) is an annual event which has quickly made its name as one of the city’s top student fairs, since it’s debut in 2013. We’re proud to say we’ve been there every year and will continue to support such a fantastic opportunity, for both students and professionals. Plus it’s an opportunity for Marketing Dan to put the hallowed FleetMilne stand together – and when we make a stand; we really make a stand.

So how was it? Busy, is the first word that springs to mind. Hundreds of students descended upon the Rep for the 4 hour spell and that meant we had a constant flow of people, talking to us about their future, what they were hoping to achieve and what sort of property would constitute their dream first home.

We also spoke to a few people that will now be keeping an eagle eye on the temporary positions that come up at FleetMilne during the summer, apparently this sounds like a great place to work…which it is.

We gave out free stuff, enjoyed 4 hours of intelligent, enlightening conversation with some really nice young people, who may well become the next generation of FM tenants and landlords, and generally had a good afternoon out. So, to keep it short, a job well done.

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