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Upcoming Key Dates For Landlords In 2021

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As we progress further into 2021, the pressures of the pandemic are slowly becoming ever more manageable across many industries. Businesses and self-employed workers are finding their feet in a slightly different world from what they knew before.

For landlords and tenants, several government announcements have introduced new key dates to put in the diary, aiming to ease pressure on the property sector.

In this article, we’ll discuss these events in more detail and what they mean for landlords, tenants and buyers:

  • Electrical Safety Regulations Applying To All Existing Tenancies From April 1st 2021
  • The Evictions Ban – Extended to May 31st 2021
  • Stamp Duty Holiday – Extended to June 30th 2021 & Tapering Extended to September 30th
  • Furlough End Date – Extended to September 30th 2021

Electrical Safety Regulations Applying To All Existing Tenancies From April 1st 2021

In June 2020, the new regulations for The Electrical Safety Standard came into effect for the Private Rented Sector to improve the safety of private renters. This is because there is a small minority of landlords who fail to ensure the safety of their tenants with regards to electronic installations throughout the home.

Since the start of April 2021, these now apply to all new and existing tenancies, which means all landlords will be required to have a safety inspection carried out on their properties every 5 years by a qualified individual. 

The government has stated that for electronic appliances such as televisions, fridges, cookers etc., the landlord won’t be responsible for checking the safety, this is down to the tenant. However, things like the wiring, lights, fuse boxes are included within the report, plus “permanently connected equipment such as showers and extractors”.

What If You’re Unable To Enter The Property Or You’re Overseas?

In the case that the report shows the property is not compliant, the landlord is required to ensure the remedial work is carried out within 28 days. If you can’t enter the property to do the work, then you’re not in breach of your duties as long as you retain all the relevant documents, and show your efforts to have complied. 

If you’re a landlord who uses our letting services, you can rest assured that we’re on top of this, and if you have any concerns or queries then please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.

The Evictions Ban – Extended to May 31st 2021

As a landlord operating throughout the pandemic, you’ve probably been concerned about your tenants’ earnings at some point, and whether or not they’d been able to commit to the property they’ve been occupying due to the unprecedented shift in many people’s income.

As a result, the government needed to reduce the pressure on public services, support businesses, avoid homelessness, and reduce the pressure on charitable organisations like Shelter, as their helplines became flooded with worried tenants. Over 1 million private renters in England alone have been in touch after falling behind on rent or having been presented with an eviction notice. 

The current ban still excludes certain scenarios to protect landlords. These include:

  • Illegal occupation
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Arrears of 6 months or more

If at least six months of rent is unpaid, a minimum of four weeks eviction notice is required. If anything less than six months of rent is unpaid, the eviction notice period remains at six months.

We hope to see some long-term support for those affected to help clear related debts or arrears caused by the pandemic. 

Stamp Duty Holiday – Extended to June 30th 2021

The stamp duty holiday has been good news for both buyers and sellers across the nation, and the government has recently announced that the cut from stamp duty tax has been extended. For properties up to £500,000, the extension will last until June 30th 2021, and a further tapering until the end of September for properties up to £250,000. 

For those looking to buy a new property, this means they can avoid the Stamp Duty Tax Fee (which could be even thousands of pounds) if they purchase before this date. Therefore, people selling their home have been likely to gain a boom of interest towards their property.
If you’re looking to buy a house over £500,000, we recommend using the handy SDTF calculator from Money Saving Expert.

Furlough End DateExtended to September 30th 2021

With the government’s efforts to reduce the pressure on tenants, the job retention scheme has been extended to the end of September, which is great news for landlords and tenants alike. The ongoing effort to leverage the stress on public services, whilst supporting workers and business owners, means that the pressure on tenants to make ends meet regarding their rental fees has been reduced.

Likewise, landlords concerned about having to evict tenants who are struggling to pay will have peace of mind considering that the eviction ban is lifted in May. This gives tenants 4 months to ensure that any arrears have been paid, in the hope that they won’t need to rely on the furlough support or face eviction.

If you’re renting with FleetMilne, then please be aware that our communication lines are open for any of your concerns, and we will provide dedicated support with regards to your pre-agreed payment plans if required.

Are You All Set?

If you’re concerned about the upcoming dates or need further information, more detail can be found on the government website regarding all the points covered in this article. 

If you’re an existing landlord with a letting being managed by FleetMilne, or you’re a tenant in one of our properties, then, as always, you’ll have full support and guidance from your dedicated account manager. For more information, please get in touch with us on 0121 366 0456.

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