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Is Birmingham The Most Investable City In The UK?

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We hate to say we told you so but…well you see where this is going.

There has been no shortage of surveys in recent years announcing Birmingham as the most investable property market in the UK, as well as being up there amongst the most investable in Europe. This comes just a week after the news broke that the UK currently has one of the lowest percentage of homeowners in Europe.

The city is enjoying a rapid incline, with recent positive coverage far outweighing outdated less-complimentary pieces, which is no surprise given the amount of exciting projects popping up in Birmingham at the moment. 2015 saw the new Mailbox, the new New Street station and John Lewis within its Grand Central complex, the new Resorts World, the first phase of the redevelopment of Paradise Circus and the Rugby World Cup just to name a few.

2016 has already seen the introduction of the tram line in the city centre, the starting phase of development of Arena Central and the development of numerous residential sites in the city’s jewellery quarter, including Kettleworks and The Mint. These new developments will provide much needed extra stock to help satisfy the incredible demand we are experiencing year-on-year.

So Birmingham is the most investable city in the UK? It’s hardly a shock now is it.

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