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Increasing Popularity of the Jewellery Quarter

Blog | Birmingham | Increasing Popularity of the Jewellery Quarter

In recent months, the Jewellery Quarter has flourished. The hub has attracted investment and development to the area and it is now one of Birmingham’s most attractive neighbourhoods to live and work in.

Speaking with my professional hat on, the majority of residential buildings in the core of the city, around by the Bullring and New Street, have been developed extensively and are now an incredibly high spec. They rent easily and they look the part. However, they are unlikely to be developed any further for a number of years now, as demand in those areas will continue to push rental prices up. The opening of the new New Street and Grand Central Birmingham will aid the reputation of those central areas no end, without having to update the modern buildings that already exist there.

If you look slightly north, you have another cosmopolitan inner-city neighbourhood but this one is set against a leafy backdrop with characterful architecture and a rich history of industry and innovation. The residential developments, bars, coffee shops, offices and all other buildings in between are made up of a mixture of new builds, which represent the investment going into the Jewellery Quarter lately, and the converted buildings which offer a charming, yet practical, throwback to days gone by.

Location-wise, the Jewellery Quarter is perfect for city living as you are 10 minutes’ walk away from everything famous, with the added benefit of escaping into a tranquil safe-haven within a matter of minutes, if you should choose to do so. While in the heart of Birmingham and a stone’s throw away from the city centre, the Quarter does not have the grey, congested feeling that you would expect so close to the city. In fact, it is very much a hidden neighborhood with its own quaint charm and character that makes it so unique.

The beauty of the Jewellery Quarter is that it is already a stunning place to live, work and play yet it is brimming with potential and is receiving a great deal of attention and multi-million pound investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and private investors. The redevelopment taking place all over the Jewellery Quarter is complementing the character it already possesses, while providing the much needed update some of the buildings in the area have been crying out for.

Birmingham is establishing itself as a global city and it is thanks to the diversity of the inner-city neighbourhoods that it is able to do so. Within the crown of the city lies a previously hidden gem but the secret is now out and the area is receiving the attention it deserves.

The Jewellery Quarter is a hub of activity, investment, innovation, tranquility and character, and it is wonderful to see more and more people becoming aware of just how special a neighbourhood it really is. It is because of this potential and redevelopment that we have seen people and businesses relocating and settling in the Jewellery Quarter, stimulating growth in this charming neighbourhood.

So, to summarise, the Jewellery Quarter is a wonderful place to be and is only going to improve. Why wouldn’t you want to be there?

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