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FleetMilne don’t want ‘normal’

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The physical return to the office may not seem such a distant possibility anymore, but returning to past ‘normals’ is well-and-truly off the cards.

At FleetMilne, we have used these past 10 weeks as a window of opportunity for change. We don’t want to go back to normal; why go where you have already been? It is vital that we’re able to take everything we’ve learnt over this period and use it to innovate the best iteration of FleetMilne yet. It will be a slow and steady process, but it’s more important than ever to take a close look at all of our processes and see why we do them; must they be done that way? How can we make them more accessible and more streamlined?

We are in the process of agreeing our roadmap for physically returning to the office, albeit amid unusual circumstances for the foreseeable future. We must be mindful of the wellbeing of our team when working through the logistics of our phased return, and so the journey may be slow but will be considerate and consultative. There are so many factors to consider; health considerations are broader than Covid-19 and the mental health of isolated individuals will also need factoring in to the plan.

During the pandemic, we stayed fully operational, though remotely. We made sure to utilise technology to be more accessible than ever. We’ve continued letting, selling and managing apartments throughout the crisis, being there for our clients and customers in any way we can. We’re committed to carrying on this approach, making renting, buying, selling or letting a property easier than ever. We won’t put the brakes on now as we phase back into the office, but will increase our digital, online and communication investment.


We will be doing everything we reasonably can to ensure the safety of our team and those individuals who need to book an in-person appointment.

The office has been adapted to conform to Covid-safe guidelines;

  • Furniture has been adjusted to ensure that people are 2m apart at all times
  • There is hand sanitiser positioned throughout the office
  • Signage will assist with social distancing guidance
  • External visits will be limited to those who have prearranged appointments

As of the 1st of June, we now offer in-person viewings of vacant properties, but not without careful planning and changes to our processes.

All applicants will now have a 2-stage viewing process, beginning with an online video tour. This allows them to narrow down their search, excluding the unsuitable properties, and remaining safe at all times. Upon finding a suitable property through the online tours, we will then arrange an in-person viewing at the property.

Our team members will be equipped with the necessary PPE (face coverings where required, gloves, hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray to clean the apartment before and after) and all applicants will be asked to also come appropriately prepared.

We will continue to monitor all processes, listening to our team and any feedback from applicants. Everyone should feel comfortable and assured that they are safe. As more government advice becomes available, we will continue to update the processes accordingly.


We want to thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic, so we are seeking to embrace more agile and flexible working environments where they are appropriate.

We have proven that we can accomplish the majority of our responsibilities and maintain service levels for our clients whilst working from home, but can also see the health benefits of leaving home more clearly. We want our team to enjoy a better life balance, so we will be embracing more agile working as we go forward. Clients and customers will not be affected by this, we will be as contactable as ever. We want agile working to be seen as a benefit, without losing that team-vibe we have worked so hard to cultivate.

We won’t be closing our doors to the public permanently, far from it, but in the short term, we may adjust our opening hours to alleviate some of the stress on public transport. This will be something we are looking at as more and more of the team do return to working in the office. We will keep everyone updated should we decide to make permanent changes to our opening times,

We’ve got so much work to do but with our team’s wellbeing at the forefront.

If you have any questions about any of the above, we are always here to help. Don’t be shy, give us a call on 0121 366 0456 or send us an email to property@fleetmilne.co.uk

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