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Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces

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Firstly, just to get the legal bit out of the way, thank you to the Birmingham Post for the outstanding picture above. The image is the property of the Birmingham Post and, although we wish we had taken it ourselves, we didn’t, we are merely passing it off as our own to make this blog post look attractive.

So, to business:

Not so long ago, a group of talented guys from Associated Architects decided to showcase the structural gems hidden in this city. Genius, don’t you think?

The Birmingham Post clearly thought so too and they decided to offer the idea a little bit of exposure. The subsequent 2-part supplement, which ran last Christmas, was one of the most popular features ever published in the Post and has ended up being shortlisted for Best Supplement at the upcoming Midlands Media Awards 2014.

In the wake of such success, popular demand has ensured that the guys will be returning to do it all over again this Christmas with a brand new batch of hidden treasures.

Looking even further ahead to 2015, the same talented architects are keen to keep expanding and take Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces to new heights; the problem is that they need people to have heard of them in order to do this. They’ll be revealing new spaces, organising exclusive behind the scenes tours and putting on exhibitions of their stunning photos and videos from behind the facades of some of Birmingham’s best known buildings, as well as revealing some of the lesser-known, secret spaces in the city.

We couldn’t do our jobs if we didn’t love buildings and architecture and we think that what the guys are doing is just outstanding. However, we know a few of you may need a little more convincing so if you would like to have a look around their site before signing up then please click here.

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