Utilizing our insurance-backed program, we can provide you with rent protection; we will be able to continue paying rent to you even if your tenants fail to pay us.

Rent protection will mean you benefit from: 

  • Rent Recovery. We’ll pursue tenants on your behalf to recover outstanding rent from them.
  • Eviction of tenants or squatters. Tenants who are no longer able to meet the requirements of their tenancy agreement or squatters who are living in your landlords property without their consent will be evicted and we will manage the legal proceedings to do so.
  • Protection during vacancies.  Whilst your property is vacant, we’ll pay 75% of rent arrears for two months.
  • Property damage. Legal cover to pursue tenants for damage to the property of over £1,000.
  • Legal expenses. Coverage up to £100,000 of legal expenses as well as legal defence in a criminal prosecution relating to the letting of the property and actions for unlawful discrimination.
  • Contract disputes. Cost and expenses for a dispute with a party whom you have a direct contractual relationship with.

THE T's & C's

  •  There’s an initial 60-day exclusion period so it’s important that you commit soon, incase tenants come into difficulty over the coming months.  
  •  To qualify, your tenants cannot already be in rental arrears or have a history of being in significant arrears at the point you commit to the policy.
  • Bankruptcy is not covered.

The Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance Policy is nil excess as standard, a flat-fee of £99 per annum including Insurance Premium Tax (for rents up to £2,500pcm). The cost of the policy is is £250 per year – that works out to be just £4.80 a week. 

If you would like to activate this protection or learn more, please contact Anton – anton@fleetmilne.co.uk or 0121 366 0456.