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posted on 2 Dec 19 by Jayde

How to Decorate your Rental Apartment for the Holidays!

Blog | Lifestyle | How to Decorate your Rental Apartment for the Holidays!

Living in an apartment may leave you a bit short on space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bring in some cheer by decorating for the festive season!

There are plenty of space-saving, rental-friendly solutions for holiday decor that can give your home a cosy winter vibe, without cluttering up every square inch of space or putting your deposit at risk if you are renting.

It’s sensible to use decoration methods that are removable without any permanent marks; no nails, screws, paint, Blu Tack or anything else that may damage the paintwork. It might sound like a faff to even bother decorating, but we promise it’s easier and more fun than you think – take a look at a few of our ideas and read on for our competition!

Christmas Tree

Adding a Christmas tree is probably the easiest way to make your home feel festive. You don’t need to attach anything to a wall, and if you go for a ‘fake’ tree, there will be no pesky pine needles to clear up either.

If you’re short on space, you could opt for a ‘half’ Christmas tree like this one. It sits flush against the wall, so takes up half the amount of space; this one is pre-lit, so there will be no messing around with strings of lights.

Perhaps you want a real tree, but don’t want to deal with the mess? Get yourself a mini-tree like this one from Bloom & Wild. It’s small enough to fit in a plant pot and packed in a way that means it’ll fit through your letterbox – perfect for apartment living!

For tree decorations, we love Kin Home, an independent, contemporary design-led homeware and lifestyle store based in the suburb of Moseley, not far from our Birmingham apartments. We’re particularly fond of their brass star decorations and glass baubles.


Christmas trees are great for creating a festive look in your home but if you’ve decided to forego the tree this year, that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on fairy lights!

They’re ideal for wrapping around hard surfaces like bannisters and bookshelves. Battery-powered lights are ideal for this, as they won’t need to be near a plug, but are also often made from metal wire so will wrap around furniture very easily. We’d recommend buying LED lights, to prevent any heat building up.

Light curtains are a big favourite of ours. You can string them along a wall using Command hooks to make a feature wall out of them or use them on your windows. If you’ve decided to use mains-powered lights you could also put them on a timer so you arrive home to a cosy feel.


You’re best not to hang things on walls, or pin anything to doorways in a rented home, but that doesn’t stop you from decorating your surfaces with ornaments. You could go for something more minimal like a lit-up copper star from Cox & Cox or a more traditional snow-globe.

To hang up your stockings without damaging the mantlepiece, use stocking hangers – you can get all sorts of designs to match your festive theme. If you don’t have a mantle, you could also use these on shelves or bookcases!


Wrapping garlands around bannisters, over shelves or around your bed frame can be an excellent way of adding a bit of Christmas magic to your apartment without causing any damage at all. Of course, you can opt for a traditional garland, but maybe your home would suit something a bit more contemporary like a pom-pom garland or a sage and berry garland.

Try popping down to the Birmingham Wholesale Market and picking up fresh foliage and creating your own garland or winter-floral centrepiece.


Wreaths scream festivity. As your front door likely faces into a hallway, why not put one on the inside of your door instead? You can use a suction-cup hook or an over-the-door wreath hook to attach them without the need for nails or pins.

We’re fond of pre-lit wreaths like this one from Marks & Spencer; they’ll give your hallway a lovely warm evening glow. For a more luxe option, go for the berry & pine option from Cox & Cox or even have a go at making your own at a local wreath making workshop!


Why not try swapping your current framed artwork for something more festive? This Christmas Mountains print would look great in the living room, and we would love this Glühwein poster for a kitchen.

Winter Accessories

Christmas not really your thing? Is creating a subtle winter vibe through accessories is more your cup of tea?

Adding a blanket to a bed or sofa is a perfect way to both keep yourself warm and add a cosy atmosphere. Combine with a decorative cushion and add a winter-scented candle, and you’ve got the ideal recipe for a snug evening!


We hope that this has inspired you to decorate your rented home this Christmas. Show us how you do it and you could win a case of prosecco (or a food hamper if you’d prefer something less boozy) – cheers to that!

How to enter:

  • Follow @FleetMilne on Instagram
  • Post a photo of your home decorated for Christmas
  • Tag the photo with #FestiveFleetMilne

Do these three things and you’ll automatically be entered. The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 17th of December. Good luck!

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