Tenant & Admin Fees

Below is a list of all administration and other fees associated with taking a tenancy through FleetMilne Property. The figures shown are inclusive of VAT at the current level of 20%, but they may vary if this changes. If you are uncertain of how, or why, any of these fees are applicable then please do call us and a member of the team will be happy to talk you through them.

Tenant Fees

Description Price
New Applicant £250 for first applicant
All subsequent applicants £250 per applicant
Guarantor £110 each
Permitted occupier £80 each
Company application fee £360
Change start date of contract after agreement £110 for each change made
Extension fee – fixed term £110 per tenant
Extension fee – periodic £200 per tenancy
End of tenancy check out fee £130 per tenancy
Late payment of rent £110 for the first offence
Late payment of rent ( all subsequent) £200 all subsequent offences
Overpayment refund £30 each occasion
Premature cancellation of standing order £200 each occasion
Tenant swap – mid tenancy £380 per swap (plus £110 deposit administration + £250 for each new applicant)
Tenant swap – end of tenancy £200 per swap (plus £110 deposit administration + £250 for each new applicant)
Early termination of contract 1 month’s rent plus VAT (plus £110 inventory revision fee)
Maintenance call out – user error £110 per call out
Maintenance call out – non emergency out of hours £200 per call out