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posted on 9 Feb 16 by Gemma Knight

A Guide To Renting In Birmingham

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Renting a property can be as daunting as it is exciting but fear not, your friendly, neighbourhood agent is on hand to provide you with a simple guide to renting.

1. Research
The fun bit. Before you start, decide what are the most important elements to you. Research your areas, the style of properties you like and their availability. If you’re looking to move asap, you do not want a property which is not vacant for another 3 months! Now is also the time to think about how long you want to rent for; most contracts will be for a minimum of 6 months initially. Think about your maximum budget per month and always remember rental costs do not include council tax or utility bills. Think about what you want from that property; location, furnished, amenities, parking etc.

2. Viewings
You will no doubt look at so many properties that they will merge into one so we recommend you keep in regular contact with us. We know which properties you have seen with us and which properties we think you would like to see that are new to the market.

3. Reserving
It is important to contact us immediately if you have chosen a property. We will need to negotiate with the landlord regarding your contract and terms of moving in. You can only reserve a property upon written confirmation and payment of the full deposit (usually being a month and a half’s rent).

4. Admin fees
If the landlord has accepted your offer, you will need to pay your admin fee. This is the agent’s fee – you will not get this back. Our admin fee is £250 for one person, plus £250 for a second person.

5. Referencing
You will then be referenced via your employer to confirm you are earning an eligible amount to rent the property; get the HR department teed up early. If you’ve rented before, get a previous landlord to provide a reference too. If you’re a student, the landlord may ask for the full rent up front, or you will need a guarantor (someone who owns a business or property in the UK and is earning a certain amount). Providing we are happy with your referencing, you can then move forward.

6. Contract
You will then be asked to read and sign your contract. It exists as much for you as it does for your landlord so if you do not understand anything we urge you to say so. We want both parties to be happy. You will also be given suppliers details for your water, electric, gas, TV licence and council tax. It is your responsibility to deal with them throughout your tenancy.

7. Moving in
Once the paperwork is complete, we will organise a handover appointment for you. This is where you come to our office and we go through any necessary paperwork and of course hand over the keys to your new pad. Moving can be stressful but it is also incredibly exciting, so enjoy!

If you would like more advice or would prefer to sit down with one of our team members, please contact the lettings team on 0121 366 0456 or email

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